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When are you open for business?

Good news, there is always someone ready to assist you with any questions you may have about our services. Be it placing an order, there is a live person on the other end of the screen ready and eager to assist you.

What happens if the work is dissatisfactory?

With our professional and skilled work force, there are zero to none chances of mediocre work. However if it so happens that the writer did not meet all your requirements, then we offer free revisions for the work as many times as you want until you are satisfied fully.

In the case you change your mind, we guarantee a cash back.

Will my professor/teacher know I used your service?

We NEVER disclose any dealings with our clients to third parties. We take confidentiality very seriously. Any transactions carried out between us is done through a secure third party. Your credit/ATM card details are secure. We guarantee maximum confidentiality.

How much do I pay?

We do not have a fixed price for the work we do. From experience, we know that no two clients are alike. Each has their own requirements as well as the price is dependent on the work load. I should mention that we offer highly discounted prices.

Any chance I get unoriginal content?

We hold ourselves to high writing standards. Our content is 100% original and of the highest quality. It is our policy to maintain a 100% plagiarism free disciplined workforce.

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